• Live Music Videos

    Live Music Videos covering entire shows or partial shows. Covering your gig with multiple cameras on fluid tripods. Various options to capture the audio off the board.

  • Wedding Video Services

    Wedding video production services using multiple cameras, fluid tripods, wireless lav mics, professional editing. A complete solution to capture your precious day!

  • Musician Website Design

    We love working with musicians on every level. We often get called to do it all because a great website for a musician or band needs digital photography, video, audio, and to be intimately connected with their fans through various social networks.

  • Business Videos

    Offering full video production services for businesses. Data Center Training Videos, Corporate Training Videos both live and scripted. Fast, thorough, and professional!

  • Business Website & Design Services

    We create custom sites and specialize in content development and search engine optimization. And if you want a one stop solution, we can do your website, videos, photos, restaurant menu, marketing collateral and all!

  • Concept Music Videos

    Concept Music Videos that fit your budget. We may help with script writing, actors, etc... Or, we can simply just shoot and edit for you. We have lots of gear too such as fig rig, crain, lights, backgrounds, etc...

Common Types of Work

Training Videos

Training Videos

Training video samples shot and edited by neofilm for various companies such as facebook, Apple, T5, and…
Website Development

Website Development

We have a very diverse background in website development. We understand content's king. That's why we…